jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

My Best Classmate Blog

Hello everybody!!

Well, this is quiet difficult, I mean, to chose the best blog of my classmate. So, I just look at the blogs to see which one have the better design, even when it is a personal opinion. And the one that I liked was the Feña's blog.
I personally do not care about the look of my own blog, but I guess that giving a better image to it makes a good impression of somebody.
But I repeat, I did not have much time to look at all the blog in order to have a more inform opinion about it.

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

My Favorite Game When I Was A Child

vHello everybody.
I did not have a favorite game when I was a child, but I remember that I played a lot with my relatives on the south. We used to play those kind of group games, like the one when you have to count up to a certain number faced to a wall, and when you are finish you have to look after the other participants. It was called "la escondida".
In the south I used to play a lot of games with my cousins, it was very fun, but we have a lot of space and time to spend. My relatives lived on a train substation. It was place were the train company had (or have, I do not know if it is the same today) the electrical equipment of the trains, but it was not the only one of course; so they lived there. It was a very big place, with electrical machines everywhere and always making their particular sound that at night made the place a little scary. At nigh playing the la escondida was very special because there was a basement that make the buzzing sound of the electric equipment that creates a scary place to play, so very fun too.
The game that I mentioned above is only one of the many games that we played, but it was just an example. So, why I liked it is because there were very healthy and participative, we did not have computer games on that place so we choose to play this kind of game, which I think, are the best games for kids.

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

The Best Chilean

I do not have an opinion for this task, I have never liked to have idols and I do not think that there is or has been people that are or were abobe others, we are all equals in my point of view. But, as I have no choice and I have to decide who is she or he, he could be José Donoso, a Chilean writer.
What he did to deserve my admiration? Not much, but he wrote a book coled “Casa de Campo”, and I liked it (the only one that I read of this author). It is a book like the ones that were writen on the nineteenth century, it is just like the great classics. It also contributed to the “latin american boon”, an important literary movement of the last century.
This kind of art works are important because gives a country a more stronger identity.  Like the russians in the nineteenth century develop a great deal the novel as a genre, and we can read trough their novels how the people of Russia lived, though and acted ( or how the author though it was), so we feel identified by the characters in this stories and get atracted to this period of time in Russia, so thats is way I think it is important.
And finally, the questions that I would like to ask Jose Donoso would be many, because I thinks that get to know him could has been very interesting, even though I think he was only a normal person like any other.

jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

I remember whatching the new about a men whose job was to take care of an island, I would like that. I think that this Island is not just that, I has all the luxuries that someone who ownes this kind of places whoud have. Living there can be fun, I guess.
What makes me doubt is that I do not know if the guy that look after this place have to make all the maintenance like: cutting the grass, the house work, security, etc. But, if the place is an island, obiusly it is very big, so that must be impossible. Then, I would enjoy this job because after the work, that it is I think, the coordination or administrations of the maintenance of the island, I woud use all the facilities around.
Aditionally, this job would leave a lot of free time to spend and the payment would be high too, so, what could be better.  
If I do know anybody who has this kind of job? I wish I have, but not. That would be great, he or she would be my best friend. I would invite myself al the time to his or her place creating excuses to be there. Even I would offer myself to work cutting the grass too. But all of these will never happen.

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

I would like to meet Gogol (Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol ) because he is a very complex historical figure and because he wrote the book “Death Souls”, the first book of his that I read that impresed me very much. This is a book about a men who wants to be better concidered in his society, and for that concideration he has to, he thinks, have more eslaves. But the problem is that he, Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov is his name, doesn’t have the money and the land to have more eslaves, so he decides to buy the certificates or the papers of the eslaves that are already dead so he can show to other people that he had eslaves but that now they are dead.
If we think of the argument of the story it sounds quiet stupid, but in reading the book it is understood. The argument is a kind of critical point of view about the society
Gogol was leaving in I think. One of them could be the hypocritical ideas or moral rules on his time. I do not know if he was criticying the fact that existed eslavery, but I doub it. There are many other things that are good about this master peace of this author, but here is no time and space in the sheet to write it.
One question that I woud ask to this writer could be that where is the rest of the book, because many pages, in diferent parts of the story, have been lost.  And about what I would like to talk with him would be a lot more obvious, because he lived a long time ago, and just that makes him interesting.

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010


English is difficult to learn, at least it is for me. It is becouse, I think, the origins of both languages. Englis is more of combinations and spanish is more of acumulations. I mean, that english use less word than spanish and combine them to form new word, but spanish creates more words, so, that means that they differ primiraly in their rules and structure; and that makes english difficult to spanish speaker to learn.
Another different thing, but maybe this is a difficulty for english teachers, is that language is nothing, it becomes something, or take form only if this is related with something else. Language is like a key, it is usefull for opening new doors, as english heps, because of number of people that use it, to communicate to many people abroad. But language must be “use” for something, it is a tool, but by it self it is, as I said before, nothing.
I now some, only some english, and this has helped me a lot. And nowadays for the use of internet, the cable channels, etc. With get in touch with a lot of english. If I search for something in the internet, any subject, it is more probable that it is in english than in spanish, because is it more use. So, why it is important to learn english, I think that I aswered it?